Productivity and maintenance software

Maintenance software specialist

For over 25 years, INTERAL has focused on creating specialized CMMS software. Implementing and creating data collection systems, elaborating efficient and user-friendly maintenance and procurement/inventory and production management solutions. We have also become experts in time management solutions over the years.

INTERAL develops and implements computerized solutions adapted to the needs and requirements of today's companies. We also guide, provide tools for and support our customers in their computerization, planning and management strategies, on a production as well as maintenance standpoint.  

Production Management Software 

A production cmms software management system which is quick and easy to understand and ofcourse produces data in real-time. By using various search criteria, which can be stored and easily recalled whenever you like, you will find all the important data such as modification tracking and precize production and labour costs. Recipe management, quality control, inventory tracking/warehousing and shipping are ofcourse part of the module.

Maintenance Management Software 

Using the maintenance module you can easily simplify planning for long and short term maintenance.All the tools are in place for preventive, corrective maitenamce and service calls to be managed from the Maintenance Board.

In case of emergency, quickly adapt with the service call module. It also allows you to create and export statistics related to your maintenance operations and your equipment.

Procurement management Software 

The procurement cmms softwares module provides for powerful management of your inventory. You can optimize your purchases and integrates (using our custom made integration tools) with accounting systems such as Acomba, AccPac, Syteline, Oracle, Globetec, GreatPlains and a multitude of others... 

Being a multi-store, multi-server tool it allows you to manage requisitions, purchase orders, approval structures, minimum and maximum stocking and restocking quantities, suppliers and manufacturers as well as expense accounts by item purchased.

Time Management Software 

Flexible, accurate real-time data collection is what our Time & Attendance module is all about. You can either use a computer, a mobile devise (iPad - iPhone) or use a multitude of different data collection stations (barcode, touchpad, card scanner) to input the data you want to capture.

Efficiently and quick management, with better control of time & attendance of your employees. Reduce costs related to absenteeisme and manage payroll in one user friendly and flexible interface.

Possibility to integrate our time and attendance module with your own payroll system. 

Data Collection Software

Use a collecting station, a PC, your iPad or iPhone, a custom made interface or we create a custom intervention plan for you to maximize your data collection based on where the date comes from and the employee's responsability. After the date has been collected you can easily export it in the most commoly used formats.

Reports Management Software

A large number of standard reports are available on your collected data. We can also customize existing reports or create complete new ones based on your needs. You can extract data from any field within the Interal application.

Report Writer is user-friendly, efficient, versatile and can handle multiple languages. Of course Report Writer can connect to other software because it supports other databases with an ODBC link.